Integrated Marketing Communications for the MEMS and Sensors Industry

Roger Grace Associates will help you master the front-end of the sales funnel by crafting your value proposition (why the customer should buy and why buy from you); creating awareness in your target market; uncovering sales opportunities; and demonstrating product differentiation.

What Roger Grace Associates provides:

• Marketing program planning
• Scheduling and budgeting
• Company positioning
• Company branding
• Content marketing, email marketing, and social media
• SEO strategy development
• Website analysis
• New product introductions
• Creating/distributing press releases 
• White paper development
• Webinar and presentation development
• Editorial outreach and engagement
• Technical article development and placement
• Trade show support

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What Roger Grace Associates' clients have to say:

Charles F. Bellavia, CEO
Telecom Components

"He launched our wireless product line. He led us through a strategy of trade shows, press events and the cover of Wireless Magazine. It is my opinion no one could accomplish what Roger achieved for Xecom. Our entire company was convinced of this. After Roger’s contract with Xecom concluded, he continued to work and advise because of his dedication. The Board of Directors of Xecom awarded him a stock option for his diligence. In a personal level, Roger is an individual of ethics and integrity. He makes anyone he is with feel special. This and his technical background is why editors listen to him."

Janusz Bryzek, Ph.D., President
MEMS Sensors

"In the following month, Roger helped Business Week editors to write an article on emerging MEMS, again exposing the world to us and our MEMS vision. In the following four years, supported by our advanced MEMS developments, Roger enticed editors of majority of technical and business journals and TV stations to write editorials covering MEMS, winning for us large number of covers and helping us to become an undisputed MEMS technology leader."

William Gottschewski, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Coto Technology, Inc. 
MEMS Sensors/Actuators

"Roger's strong recommendation or mantra of product material 'reuse' of material helped Coto develop an effective and efficient process. Our objective to initially generate brand awareness within the 'general market' followed by addressing selected targeted was achieved. Due to Roger's well thought out plan, Coto was able to personally meet with and present to over 90 editors representing EU, Asia, Japan, and USA publications resulting in over 35 articles and product announcements ultimately generating over 200 strong inquires. Most importantly, Roger worked with our technical team to create, develop and publish several feature articles on the newly introduced Coto product and its HARM technology in prestigious publications including Electronic Products, Commercial MicroManufacturing (UK), and Sensor Magazine (Germany)."

Joseph R. Mallon, Jr., 
Chief Executive Officer
Measurement Specialties
MEMS Sensors

"Subsequently, when I became CEO of Measurement Specialties, a company that grew from $10 million dollars in revenues annually to $140 million dollars in revenues in five short years, I called on Roger again. He helped define a marketing strategy for what became a very successful intrapreneurial venture in MEMs pressure sensors. Using his editorial contacts he helped introduce us to the technical press changing the perception of the editorial and financial community regarding Measurement Specialties from a consumer products company to a technology leader."

Gary Winzeler, VP Sales & Marketing
DunAn Sensing
MEMS Sensors

"His knowledge of MEMS, sensors, instrumentation, IoT, and expertise in Marcom was a huge advantage to all of our projects. He put this skillset to work in order to promote our New Product launch.

Along with his undeniable talent, Roger has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees."

Steve Ehrsam, VP Global Marketing
Automotive LiDAR 

"Within a very short time of 3 months, Innovusion went from being a hidden stealth company to being one of the top 3 long distance LiDAR companies in the world, known by customers, competitors, and the media. Roger successfully collaborated with our Innovusion team, quickly learned our technology, our company, and our story and passionately promoted and sold it effectively across a variety of influential editors and analysts."