About Roger Grace, MEMS and Sensors Marketing Consultant

Mr. Grace has specialized in sensors for over 35 years with a focus on:

• Sensors
• Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
• Semiconductors
• Capital equipment (manufacturing, assembly, and test)

Mr. Grace is widely acknowledged internationally as one of the leaders and pioneers of this industry.

He has authored over 70 technical papers; organized, chaired and spoken at numerous international technical sessions; and authored the automotive section of the Battelle Frankfurt (Germany) market research report on Micromechanics. He is the co-author of the chapter “Commercialization of Microsystems” which appeared in the MANCEF International Microsystems Roadmap as well as the chapter “MEMS, Microsystems, Micromachines: Commercializing an Emergent Disruptive Technology” which appears in the SPIE publication MEMS and MOEMS: Technology and Applications.

He is a frequent editorial contributor to Sensors, Sensors Daily Newsletter, Electronic Products, Sensor Magazin (Germany), Commercial Micromanufacturing International (UK). Mr. Grace has been quoted as an industry pundit in many technical and business magazines including Forbes, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, EETimes,  Electronic Design, and Sensors.

Additional Qualifications

• BSEE, MSEE (Raytheon Graduate Fellow), Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
• MBA Program, University of California Berkeley

• Marketing Consultant: MEMS, Sensors and Semiconductors
• Marketing Manager: MEMS, Foxboro ICT 
• Applications Engineer: RF semiconductors, Avantek / HP 
• Design and Project Engineer with a specialty in microwave and RF…Raytheon, Avco Missile Systems

• Guest Lecturer, University of California Berkeley, School of Engineering, E-110: The New Venture, (1990-2003)
• Visiting lecturer at:
   - Northeastern University
   - Stanford University
   - San Jose State University
   - University of Michigan
   - University of California Irvine
   - University of Texas Arlington
   - Boston University
   - Clemson University
   - EPFL (Switzerland)
   - IMTEC (Germany)
   - Technical University Superiore, Lisbon Portugal
   - Technical University, Warsaw Poland
   - Technical University, Posnan, Poland

• Board membership…
   - Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership,
   - University of Michigan  (WIMSS)
   - Northeastern University High Rate Nanomanufacturing Center
   - Northeastern University College of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board
   - Northeastern University President’s Western Council
• Co-Founder, Past President and V.P. of the Americas of Micro, Nano and Emerging Technology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF)
• Sensors Expo Advisory Board
• European Program of Smart Systems (EPOSS) (EU)
• Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA)(EU)
• IEEE 1451 Smart Sensor Communication Interface Standard Development Committee: Chair of Marketing Committee
• Electronic Industry Association (EIA): Chair of Marketing Committee for Sensors
• U.S. Olympic Committee: Athlete Instrumentation Initiative Committee Member (1990-1994)

• “Sensor Industry Impact Award”, Sensors Expo / Sensors Magazine 2016
• Alumni Engineer of the Year, 2004, Northeastern University
• Small Times Magazine “Advocate of the Year” (finalist) 2006

• IEEE Transducers 2009, 2011
• COMS: Co-chair 2003,2004
• Smart Systems Integration (EU)
• IEEE Sensors 2016
• uTAS 2008
• Micromachine Summit 2017
• CANEUS (MEMS and Technology for Aerospace)

• Published over 70 papers and articles on MEMS/Sensors
• Organized and chaired over 50 technical sessions worldwide on MEMS / Sensors
• Co-author chapter: Roadmap “Commercialization of Microsystems” MANCEF International Microsystems
• Authored chapter: “MEMS, Microsystems, Micromachines: Commercializing an Emergent Disruptive Technology” SPIE publication MEMS and MOEMS: Technology and Applications
• Authored the chapter on Automotive Microsystems/MEMS of the Battelle Frankfurt (Germany) market research report on Micromechanics. .

• Sensors 
• Small Times 
• MST News (Germany)
• Euro-Asia Semiconductor 
• Sensor Magazin (Germany) 
• Micro Nano Newsletter / R&D Magazine
• Chip Scale Review
• Commercial Micromanufacturing International (UK)
• NASA NanoTech Briefs