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MEMS and Sensors

Many more articles addressing various MEMS and Sensors technologies are available. Please email Roger at [email protected] to request additional articles.

MEMS Commercialization Report Card – Episode 6: Marketing (Part 1)
Sensors Daily, April 22, 2020

Marketing is one of the 14 critical success factors in the commercialization of MEMS as well as virtually for all products. “Marketing is Everything” [1] is the title of the Harvard Business Review article authored by Silicon Valley marketing luminary Regis McKenna.

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MEMS Commercialization Report Card – Episode 7: Marketing (Part 2)
Sensors Daily, May 6, 2020

This article will provide an overview of marketing principles and a brief review of the results of the MEMS Commercialization Report Card. When conducting interviews, it became apparent to me that, when following up on the 30 plus respondents to my annual Report Card study, it would be interesting to take a deep dive into the rationales for their submitted grades.

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MEMS Commercialization Report Card – Episode 12: Summary/Conclusion/Wrapup
Sensors Daily,  June 17, 2020

I believe that the objective of the 2018 annual MEMS Industry Commercialization Report Card of providing a valuable tool for MEMS industry participants to objectively monitor the health of the MEMS industry has been realized once again. The results of the 2018 Report Card should provide industry participants with valuable information to effectively help craft their business strategies moving forward.

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Printed/Flexible/Stretchable Sensors: New Technologies EnableHigh Volume Applications 
Commercial Micromanufacturing International

This article will address the motivation of developing P/F/S sensors and will provide information on some of the current offerings. Also to be addressed, and what I consider to be the most important and exciting aspect of P/F/S sensors is the work currently being conducted worldwide in research labs, institutes, and universities on new and exciting P/F/S sensors especially those which address the bio market sector. 

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