Due Diligence for the MEMS and Sensors Industry

Carefully planned and executed in-depth vetting of prospective merger and acquisition (M&A) candidates is necessary to mitigate any possible downside in the process and optimize the success

What Roger Grace Associates provides: 
With extensive high-tech business experience, Roger Grace Associates has been able to create a substantial network of personal high-level contacts that provide in-depth information on a broad selection of MEMS and Sensor companies worldwide.

Specific activities include:   
• Assessment of internal competencies from engineering, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing perspective
• Assessment of product line compatibility and possible extension with existing business activities
• Valuation assessment
• Competitive analysis 
• Market share analysis
• Distribution chain analysis 
• Organic growth vs. acquisition strategy

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What Roger Grace Associates' clients have to say:

Pavinder Singh,
Bain Capital, LLC
Merger and Acquisitions

"Your recommendations incorporated both a deep understanding of the technology and product trends in the sensors space as well as a very pragmatic perspective on what types of companies and technologies would be a good fit with the growth strategy we were diligencing. Moreover, the color you were able to provide based on your wide and long involvement with the industry on different player's management teams, past and present strategic focus, and technical expertise was incredibly valuable."

Mark Giordono, Manager
New Business Development
MEMS Technology

"I am writing to express our appreciation for your recent work of our behalf. The mix of technical competence and business perspective you provided was precisely what we were looking for as we evaluated the new business opportunity.

The feedback you provided was frank and direct - not the typical consultant speak and self-promotion one often runs into in the industry. The real-world perspective you provided and the hard questions you asked helped us to better understand, frame, and make the business decisions we needed to make."