Videos for the MEMS/Sensors Industry

Northeastern University, College of Engineering 

Printed / Flexible / Stretchable and Functional Fabric Sensor Opportunities for Wearables, IoT, and other High Volume Applications (1 hour)

The presentation to students, faculty, and guests provided an overview of printed, flexible, stretchable, functional fabric sensors and accompanying electronics and the applications that they are currently enabling as well as their future application opportunities. Also addressed included the following:
- Attributes driving their adoption
- Examples from current suppliers and from leading international research organizations
- Integration challenges 
- Manufacturing issues 
- Barriers to the successful commercialization
- Recommended strategies for monetization 

Introduction to the New MANCEF (5 min.)

MANCEF (Micro, Nano, and Emerging Technologies Commercialization Education Foundation) is starting a new chapter in its 20-year plus lifetime; Expanding beyond Nanotechnology and MEMS to encompass all emerging technologies.

MANCEF specializes in the commercialization of these emerging technologies by helping technologists, entrepreneurs and corporations bring new products to market in high volume. This is not a trivial task and our team of professional entrepreneurs has solutions to overcome the barriers of this challenging process.

Become a member of MANCEF and benefit from 1-on-1 coaching from MANCEF Board of Directors and members, investor funding, obtain access to a wealth of materials to aid in commercializing your products and systems, network with highly skilled professional entrepreneurs, meet new customers to grow your business, advertise within a network that has proven to achieve results, obtain discount admissions to conferences and more.
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