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Roger Grace shares a few tips on how medical device developers can find the right technology to suit their device

Roger Grace bestowed SENSORS EXPO first Sensor Industry Impact Award

Roger Grace Announces Final Agenda For Printed/Flexible/Stretchable (P/F/S) Sensors For Wearables and IOT Applications Symposium At Sensors Expo 2016

Sensors: Guest Editorial - July, 2001

Forbes ASAP: Micromachines, The Next Big Thing - April 2, 2001, pp. 41-58
The Forbes ASAP April 2, 2001 edition has "Micromachines: The Next Big Thing" as its feature/cover story. This article, in my opinion, has the potential of becoming a seminal techno/business assessment of the MEMS market. Written by a number of Forbes ASAP editors, it covers:
  • Introduction to micromachines
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Health Care
  • Telecommunications
  • Foundries

The article is filled with some very dramatic graphics. A number of industry notables including Kurt Petersen (Cepheid), Ken Wise (University of Michigan), Clark Nguyen (University of Michigan), Dave Williams (Sandia National Labs) and Paul McWhorter (formerly of Sandia, now with MEMX), as well as myself were interviewed and have been extensively quoted in the article. I strongly advise you to access this exceptional article.

Puget Sound Business Journal: This Could Be Tiny; "MEMS is the Word for Miniaturized Technology - October 20, 2000
The New York Times: Technology Report; "Switches Raise Prospects for Tiny Technology - May 8, 2000
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