Complimentary Eight-Part Tutorial Series...
MEMS/Sensor Marketing:
Oxymoron or Opportunity

Debuted on September 22, 2017 on Sensors Online

Some of the topics to be addressed include..

The series will be filled with pragmatic (sorry Harvard Graduate Business School) and personal information based on the more than the 350 plus years of combined MEMS/sensor industry experiences of the more than 15 interviewees. This is a not to be missed opportunity to gain some very valuable knowledge for the MEMS/sensor community.

Roger Grace, president of Roger Grace Associates and recipient of the 2016 Sensors Industry Impact Award, has debuted the first of an eight-part, bi-weekly tutorial series on MEMS/Sensors Marketing. Roger is a 35 year veteran as a sensor marketing consultant.

This tutorial series extends Roger's legacy and passion to amuse, inform and inspire the technology community as to the unique benefits of MEMS and sensors to solve a myriad of application opportunities.

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